Mahindra Scorpio: The power-packed performer from Mahindra

Which car has power and performance both? Not many would guess it right. But the answer is very obvious. Let me give a clue. In the advertisement of this car, it gives another-worldly feeling to the viewers. It is known for the power packed advertisements it has. The car is none other than the SUV Mahindra Scorpio. Now do you agree that the advertisements by Mahindra Scorpio are power packed. The car has been getting a very positive response from the buyers. The sales of the car have just kept on increasing. Now let us learn what special features are packed in this magnificent SUV.


The engine is a 2.2 litre m hawk diesel engine. The engine displacement of this car is relatively higher than the cause of its type. The engine displacement is 2178 cc. The number of cylinders the engine has are four. The power produced by … Read More